Depression Treatment


Depression Treatment- McDonough, GA

When an individual suffers from depression, it isn’t just a trying time for them but their family and friends too. Unfortunately, even in the current times, a lot of people undermine the importance of mental health and refuse to acknowledge that depression is actually an illness that warrants attention immediately.

Depression is defined as a psychologically and emotionally crippling mental disorder wherein the individual feels confined to a dark place he cannot escape. It’s challenging, sometimes even impossible, for the individual to live a normal and healthy life as they are engulfed with sadness and hopelessness.

 An individual’s mental state is shrouded with negativity. Yes, depression is undoubtedly a serious medical condition that has to be treated with the right approach and therapy. And this is what we at DNM Health services in McDonough, GA and Milford, Delaware offer.

We aim to use the best form of medication, counseling, and coaching care to help individuals overcome their depressive phase. We are merely a call away for everyone who needs us! 

Understanding Depression On A Deeper Level

The most significant challenge of treating depression is that people refuse to acknowledge its presence. More often than not, the symptoms are ignored or dismissed. Hence, the problem is not diagnosed until the matter spirals out of control. Here are the symptoms commonly found in depression.

  • A sudden loss of interest in everything around you, even in stuff that you found enjoyable before
  • Feeling sad, lonely, and hopeless persistently
  • Feeling unwanted and worthless
  • Inability to maintain focus
  • Insomnia or hyper-somnia
  • Increase in weight
  • A drastic change in eating habits
  • Feeling anxious all too often
  • Having suicidal thoughts and attempting self-harm 

Anyone experiencing even two to three of these symptoms frequently needs attention if the symptoms last for more than 2 weeks. This could be a sign of underlying depression. It’s best to seek counseling at the right time to control the illness before it gets any more severe.

Keep in mind that this is not the time to delay things. You have to act quickly before this disease takes over your entire life. No aspect of your life will be protected from its impact!

What Depression Counseling Entails?

There’s no particular treatment method that fits all patients with depression. Every patient is different, and no two people go through the same situation. Therefore, depression has to be managed depending on the extent and nature of symptoms along with the individual’s situation.

Management of depression comprises cognitive behavioral therapies, talk therapies, and psychotherapy. In some cases, medication is used alongside counseling to help patients come out of their depression.

Only a professional therapist should be trusted to provide counseling to a depressed patient. Remember, counseling is the mainstay of depression treatment which makes a world of difference to the patient’s quality of life. Therefore, trusting the right people for the job is imperative.



Take Timely Professional Help



If you or your loved one suffers from depression, book a session with us now. We are confident our depression counselor will be able to help you in the best way possible. We will ensure that depression is not the reason you are unable to live your life to the fullest. Schedule an appointment with us and let us make sure that your mental health gets the care and attention it needs. Call our office today at 470-410-7738 to connect with our specialists. We offer virtual and in office sessions in McDonough, Georgia.